Cultural Memory and Persistence

While the artists in Vantage Point work in diverse contemporary media, many of their pieces are informed by cultural traditions that include visual art, oral histories, music, dance, and ritual. These traditions have continuing relevance for Native people today, and can be sources of strength, knowledge, and healing.

The trickster figure Coyote, subject of many oral traditions in the western United States, is depicted in works by Rick Bartow and Judith Lowry. In Bartow’s works, images of physical, spiritual, and psychological transformation figure prominently. Mario Martinez, Nora Naranjo-Morse, and Joane Cardinal-Schubert draw on their communities’ knowledge and understandings of their place in the world, while Truman Lowe uses the form of the medicine bundle to examine the ways in which we protect the things we hold dear.

  • 17—Yaqui Flashback II
  • 18—From the Mad River to the...
  • 19—Weh-Pom and the Star Sisters
  • 20—Deer Dancer for Hyacinth
  • 21—Roadkill Warrior: Last of...
  • 22—Wah-Du-Sheh (Bundle)
  • 23—Sky Rise Dreams
  • 24—Medicine Wheel–Nebula...
  • 25—Stories upon Stories
  • Vantage Point: The Contemporary Native Art Collection

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