27-A Rose in Tribute

A Rose in Tribute, 2001. Carlos Jacanamijoy (Inga), b. 1964. Oil on canvas. Gift of the artist, 2003 (26/1565).

In his lush abstract paintings, Jacanamijoy evokes the vibrant colors and dense foliage of Colombia’s Putumayo rainforest, which dominates the area near the village where he was raised. The entwined floral and plant forms suggest also the movement of the regalia—woven and embroidered textiles, brightly colored feathers and flower petals, and strands of glass beads—worn by dancers during the annual Atún Puncha celebration.

Carlos Jacanamijoy (Inga, b. 1964) was born in Colombia in the Sibundoy Valley near the Putumayo rainforest. His artwork has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Jacanamijoy studied at the Universidad de La Sabana in Bogotá and the Nariño University and received a masters degree from the National University of Colombia in Bogotá. His vivid and atmospheric landscapes abstract color and light. Although a nonobjective approach dominates his oeuvre, Jacanamijoy has also painted figurative work. He lives in Bogotá.


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