Yaqui Flashback II

Yaqui Flashback II, 1991. Mario Martinez (Pascua Yaqui), b. 1953. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Gift of Bill Rosenfeld and Suzanne M. Rubel, 2005 (26/5365).

Painting in an abstract style appeals to Martinez in part because it allows him to express Yaqui cultural traditions, knowledge, and spirituality without explicitly revealing them. Here, he incorporates decorative fabrics used in Yaqui ceremonial regalia. While he frequently depicts what he considers “essential” forms found in nature, more recent works such as Brooklyn (2004), found in the Landscape and Place section of this exhibition, also refer to the urban landscape of his current home.

After an early art career in San Francisco, Mario Martinez (Pascua Yaqui, b. 1953) moved to New York City. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the School of Art, Arizona State University in Tempe, and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Martinez’s work was featured in New Tribe: New York, a series of solo exhibitions at the GGHC. Group exhibitions include Who Stole the Tee Pee?, also GGHC; AlieNation, American Indian Community House Gallery; and the Contemporary Artists Federation Group Show, Japan. In 2002 he received a Native Artist in Residence Fellowship from the National Museum of the American Indian.


Vantage Point: The Contemporary Native Art Collection

The National Museum of the American Indian
NMAI on the National Mall | Washington, DC