NOTE: Through April 30, 2019, the Lelawi Theater is open on a modified schedule, 10 AM–12 PM and 2–4 PM.

Rasmuson Theater

Located on the museum's First Level, the Rasmuson Theater provides a unique setting for stage plays, storytelling, dance and music presentations, film and video viewing, and lectures and seminars. Equipped with multimedia projection systems, language-translation systems, and superb acoustic qualities, this gathering place also brings visitors close to Native performers by incorporating a unique lateral aisle that allows performers to move from the stage through the audience in full circle, consistent with many Native dances.

Lelawi Theater

This 120-seat circular theater, located on the Fourth Level, offers a dazzling multimedia experience designed to prepare museum-goers for the themes and messages they will encounter during their museum visit. A 13-minute presentation, titled Who We Are, immerses viewers in the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary Native life and explores, from a Native perspective, the strength that different communities across the hemisphere derive from their connections to land, religion, traditional knowledge, self-government, and self-expression.