Family Visits

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Native people are the original innovators of the Americas. This is the powerful message of the imagiNATIONS Activity Center. Through a variety of hands-on activities, visitors to the Center can explore Native scientific discoveries and inventions that are so amazing, many continue to affect the world today.


Sunday through Saturday: 10 AM–4:30 PM
Registered group visits are in 30-minute increments: 10:30 AM–12 PM & 2–3 PM.
Hours of operation are subject to change.


Designed for tweens, teens, and beyond, imagiNATIONS offers new insights about the contributions and experiences of Native people of the Western Hemisphere. This fun and educational interactive space will expand visitors' minds through Native math, science, technology and engineering-based activities.

  • Calculate numbers using Maya Math.
  • Discover Native foods that feed the world.
  • Try balancing in a kayak.
  • Learn about sustainable architecture.
  • Visit the Discovery Room, a unique space to explore and learn about cultural objects.

All visitors are welcome to explore the Center's hands-on, self-directed activities on a first-come, first-served basis. No food or drinks are allowed. The Center is appropriate for ages 9 and older. Educators and knowledgeable volunteers are available to assist and engage with visitors.

Group Visits to the imagiNATIONS Activity Center

  • All groups, including school or home-school classes, adult groups, camp, or scout groups, are required to reserve entry to the imagiNATIONS Activity Center.
  • School groups must be Grades 4–12 and limited to 32 students per timed entry, with a requirement of one (1) chaperone for every ten (10) students.
  • Groups may only request reservations in 30-minute increments from Sunday to Saturday: 10:30 AM–12:30 PM & 2–3 PM.
  • Each group will receive a 10-minute introduction during their 30-minute visit.
  • Advanced reservations are strongly recommended to best serve the specific needs of each group.
  • Group visit policy is subject to change.
Register group visits to the imagiNATIONS Activity Center


Registration is not required for groups exploring the museum's public spaces on their own. General visitor information is available on the Visit page.


Adult chaperones are required for all student groups. Chaperones must supervise and remain with their groups at all times. Grades 3 and below require a ratio of one (1) adult for every five (5) students. Grades 4 and up require a ratio of one (1) adult for every ten (10) students. The museum reserves the right to cancel programs for groups that do not meet the chaperone policy. Groups that are inadequately supervised during their on-site visit may be asked to leave the building.

Native Knowledge 360 Educational Resources

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