Mother Earth: Confronting the Challenge of Climate Change poster
Tim Johnson Welcome and Opening Remarks
Tim Johnson (Mohawk), associate director for museum programs, National Museum of the American Indian
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  • Rico Newman Opening Prayer
    Rico Newman (Piscataway/Conoy Indians)
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  • Jose Barreiro Introductions and Framing Statement
    José Barreiro (Taino), assistant director for research, National Museum of the American Indian
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  • Patricia Cochran The Arctic: Indicator of Global Change
    Patricia Cochran (Inupiat), chair, Inuit Circumpolar Council
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  • Robert Gough Winters Count in the Northern Great Plains: Considerations of the Natural, Indigenous, and Modern Climate Record in the Face of Global Warming
    Robert Gough, secretary, Intertribal Council on Utility Policy (Intertribal COUP)
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  • Deborah Tewa Native Sun: Solar Power and Southwest Tribes
    Deborah Tewa (Hopi), renewable and tribal energy coordinator, Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office
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  • Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez Climate Change and Caboclo Livelihoods in the Amazon Estuarine Floodplain: Variability, Risk, and Adaptation
    Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez (Ribereño/Caboclo), director of international programs, Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC), Columbia University
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