• Description:

    Hand-colored lantern slide of a Yup'ik girl wearing a plaid dress.

  • Culture/People:

    Yup'ik (Yupik Eskimo)

  • Date created:


  • Photographer:

    Leuman M. Waugh, DDS (Leuman Maurice Waugh), Non-Indian, 1877-1972

  • Place:

    Alaska; USA

  • Format/Object name:

    Collodion positive transparency (glass)

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Leuman Maurice Waugh was a dentist, explorer, and lecturer who advocated for the dental health of the northern indigenous communities and documented his work and travels with photography. Waugh's research on the teeth and diet of indigenous communities took him to Labrador, Canada, between 1921 and 1927 and to twelve Alaskan Eskimo communities between 1929 and 1938. In 1936, Waugh was appointed to a position with the Alaska Health Service by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior via the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. After his death, Waugh's photographs and papers were donated to the Rankin Museum of American Heritage (Ellerbe, North Carolina), founded by Dr. Pressley R. Rankin, Jr. and Paula Rankin. In 2001, NMAI purchased Waugh's collection of papers, photographic materials, and Arctic artifacts from the Rankin Museum.

  • Dimensions:

    3.25 x 4 in.

  • Catalog number:


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