• Description:

    Outdoor portrait of the man Peter Wilmot (1826-1932), seated in front porch of a wooden shingled structure, holding a cane. Per "Let Us Remember the Old Mi'kmaq": (he) was a Saqamaw (Chief) at Pictou Landing early in his life, and later at Millbrook. After relocating to Truro, (he) negotiated with the Indian agent for land that became the Millbrook Native Community in 1886 where he was the first Saqamaw. Records indicate that he lived to be at least 106 years old; he is probably 104 in these pictures. From original catalog card for N19828: "...christened at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, 1827."

  • Culture/People:

    Mi'kmaq (Micmac)

  • Date created:


  • Photographer:

    Frederick Johnson (Fred Johnson), Non-Indian, 1904-1994

  • Place:

    Millbrook, Truro Reserve; Colchester County; Nova Scotia; Canada

  • Format/Object name:

    Acetate negative

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Frederick Johnson began his anthropological studies as a teenager, accompanying anthropologist Frank G. Speck (1881-1951) on trips to Native communities in Quebec. Between 1923 and 1929, Johnson studied at the University of Pennsylvania and conducted several research trips in Canada and the U.S., some of which were sponsored by MAI. This photograph probably accompanied the object collections he acquired for MAI.

  • Dimensions:

    5 x 7 in.

  • Catalog number:


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