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Chief's headdress representing a killer whale with a raven on his back

Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl)
Canada; British Columbia; Mount Waddington Regional District; Quatsino; ; Vancouver Island Group; ; Vancouver Island

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  • Description:

    Outdoor portrait of Chief Willie Seaweed or Heyhlamas or The One Able To Set Things Right or Siwiti posed on a dock wearing a carved wooden hat (NMAI 238252.000), button blanket, cedar fiber hoop around his neck, and holding a rattle and a copper (Museum of Civilization #VII E 735). Fishing boat and equipment behind him, and a wooded shore in the background

  • Culture/People:

    Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl)

  • Date created:


  • Photographer:

    William R. Heick, Non-Indian, b. 1916

  • Place:

    Blunden Harbor (Blondin Harbor); Mount Waddington Regional District; British Columbia; Canada

  • Format/Object name:

    Silver gelatin print

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    In addition to his work as a fine art photographer, William R. Heick worked for many years with the Anthropology Department of the University of California at Berkeley on a series of American Indian documentary films. This print acquired by MAI, possibly from Mr. Heick, circa 1979.

  • Dimensions:

    8 x 10 in.

  • Catalog number:


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