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USA; Virginia; King William County; Pamunkey Reservation

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  • Description:

    Outdoor seated portrait of the woman Theodora Octavia Dennis Cook, wife of Chief George Major Cook, wearing a woven feather neck ornament of wild turkey feathers, wild goose, and shelldrake or shellduck, made by Margaret Adams (who may be pictured in N12588) circa 1910-1920, NMAI catalog number 105721.000. She wears a long dark dress, and white blouse, with a beaded headband hanging from her arm.

  • Culture/People:


  • Date created:


  • Photographer:

    Dr. Frank G. Speck (Frank Gouldsmith Speck/F.G. Speck), Non-Indian, 1881-1951

  • Place:

    Pamunkey Reservation; King William County; Virginia; USA

  • Format/Object name:

    Acetate negative

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Frank G. Speck documented Native life through fieldwork, collecting, and photography; this photograph probably accompanied objects acquired by MAI in the 1920s

  • Dimensions:

    5 x 7 in.

  • Catalog number:


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