• Format/Object name:

    Winter count recording events from 1800 to 1870

  • Date created:


  • Artists/Makers:

    Lone Dog (Shunka Ishnala), Nakota (Yankton Sioux)

  • Place:

    Plains; USA, Canada (inferred)

  • Media/Materials:

    Buffalo hide/skin, paint

  • Techniques:


  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Collection history unknown; said to have been purchased from the family of Captain Chichester by Stephen Allen Frost (ca. 1820-ca. 1905, New York City bead merchant and Indian trader and founder of Stephen A. Frost & Son), circa 1880; acquired by George Heye before 1906.

  • Dimensions:

    259 x 207 cm

  • Catalog number:



    This item is currently on view at NMAI, DC.

See it in the Lakota exhibit in the "Our Universes" gallery on the 4th floor

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