The following reference lists represent NMAI controlled terminologies in their respective hierarchies. Use these reference lists if you are in doubt about what terms are used or how they should be entered for searches. If you cannot quickly locate a term you may use your browser's "Find" ("Ctrl" + "F") option combination to see if a term is listed. When you click on a term in a Reference List, a search is automatically performed across all applicable collections categories.

Peoples/Cultures Thesaurus Reference List

Includes the six highest levels of cultural terms used in this website. More specific terms may appear on item detail pages.


Object Specifics: Materials/Media Reference List

Includes all object materials and media used in this website.


Object Specifics: Techniques Reference List

Includes all object techniques used in this website.


Object Specifics: Object Types Reference List

Includes all standard object types and names used in this website. These terms are referred to in the site as "Type of Item," "Type of Object,' or "Object Name."