Information and images provided derive from NMAI's collections database and are the cumulative product of decades of work by individuals too numerous to be named here. This website was developed by a team comprised of staff from several NMAI departments.

Project Team

Kara Lewis (Collections Research and Information)
Ann McMullen (Collections Research and Information)
DucPhong Nguyen (Information Technology, Applications)
Patricia Nietfeld (Collections Management)
Michael Skadowski (Information Technology, Applications)
Erin Weinman (Information Technology, Applications)
Cheryl Wilson (Information Technology, Web)

Object Content Coordination

Ann McMullen
Patricia Nietfeld

Photo Archives Content Coordination

Lou Stancari (Photo Archives)
Emily Moazami (Photo Archives)

Network Coordination

Richard Freeman (Information Technology, Networks)
Smithsonian Web Services Division
Smithsonian Office of the Chief Information Officer

Web Design and Production

Joseph Poccia (Information Technology, Web)
Jason Wigfield (Information Technology, Web)
Mediatrope Interactive Studio, San Francisco

NMAI Collections Information System Design and Production

KE Software, Melbourne, Australia

This website was made possible by the generosity of the Smithsonian Collections Information Management Committee through the CIS IRM Pool Fund; the George Gustav Heye Trust Fund (administered by NMAI's Board of Trustees); and Steven and Judy Kazan.