For Families

These hands-on activities for ages 5+ highlight Indigenous food plants—corn, sunflowers, and strawberries.

Sunflower Bracelet

Sunflowers are a common crop among Indigenous nations throughout North America. This familiar flower is used as a food source, and the sunflower design is used to create beautiful beadwork. Beadwork is a form of decoration and adornment that honors and shows respect for individuals, natural resources, and objects. Today, it continues to be a valuable form of Native expression and artistic skill. Create your own sunflower chain bracelet. (Video: 3:52 mins.)

Summer Strawberry

Strawberries are celebrated every year by many Native communities. The plants flower in late spring and bring an abundance of nourishing fruit throughout the summer. They have long been enjoyed by Native people as the first fruit after long winter months. Learn more and have fun creating a decorative paper strawberry to hang in your home. (Video: 5:37 mins.)

Cornhusk Dragonfly

Corn was first domesticated by the Indigenous people of Mexico. Planted in late spring and harvested at the end of summer, corn has long been an important food source for many communities throughout North and South America. The husk is also a useful material that can be used to create everything from dolls to bags and artwork. Create your own dragonfly using cornhusk. (Video: 3:55 mins.)