The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, reopens May 21. Required timed-entry passes will be available starting May 14. The museum in New York, NY, remains closed.

The Power of Native Voice

A series of virtual programs

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Two woman dancing in front of a sunset

The Story of the Lūʻau

Explore the story of the Native Hawaiian tradition of lūʻau and learn why it plays such an important role in Hawaiian culture.

Photograph of two code talkers

Native American Code Talkers: A Lasting Legacy

Join us as author and anthropologist/historian William C. Meadows reveals how Native American "code talkers" played a key role in important battles and campaigns—and helped save many lives.

Young people paddling in a canoe

Youth in Action: Ecological Knowledge in Pacific Coastal Communities

Join us in conversation with young Indigenous activists from across the Pacific who are using traditional ecological practices to combat threats to the ocean resources their communities have protected and thrived on for thousands of years.

At the Movies: Navajo Code Talkers

At the Movies: Navajo Code Talkers

Follow six Navajo Code Talkers to the five Pacific Island sites where their unbreakable secret code helped U.S. forces overcome Japanese expansion during World War II.

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A muxe (pronounced mu-shay) youth takes part in a procession during the Vela de las Intrépidas festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. Muxe identities are diverse and layered and have been part of Zapotec society since pre-colonial times. Jan Sochor/Alamy Stock Photo

Youth in Action: Indigenizing Pride

In celebration of Pride Month, hear from Indigenous youth working in the fields of education, health, cultural heritage, and the arts to amplify Two Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ voices and issues.