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Educators are invited to explore a recording of poet Laura Da’ (Eastern Shawnee) for National Poetry Month, register for summer professional development opportunities, and share online lessons, including a new digital storybook for upper elementary classrooms.
Facade of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC
American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges
For Earth Day, visit the website American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges to learn how tribal nations in different regions of the country manage environmental issues on their homelands. Grades 6–9
Canyon De Chelly
The Navajo Treaty of 1868: Why Was the Navajo Journey Home So Remarkable?
This online lesson provides Native perspectives, images, documents, and other sources to help students and teachers understand the remarkable nature of the Navajo Treaty of 1868. Grades: 6–8
Photograph of poet Laura Da'
Indigenous Women: Artists and Activists
This webinar recording guides teachers through poetry, writing, and thinking exercises, as well as classroom-ready strategies developed by poet Laura Da’ (Eastern Shawnee), to explore the intersection of Indigenous women artists and activism.
Featured Teacher and Student Programs
photograph of Dr. Khal Schneider
California Indian History Before and After the Gold Rush
July 23, 2024

Take a deep dive with Dr. Khal Schneider (Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria) into the complex history behind the California gold rush.

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Teaching the Impact of the Gold Rush on Native Americans of California: A Source Investigation
July 24, 2024

Experience NK360°’s newest online lesson about the California gold rush with Taylor Pennewell (Berry Creek Rancheria of Tyme Maidu Indians).

Program Details
photograph of Taylor Pennwell standing in a wooded area
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