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The NK360° team is offering some exciting upcoming professional development opportunities this month, as well as a newly released digital storybook. Available to watch now is a new recording from a past professional development webinar about Native American boarding schools.
Life Along the River: The Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia
This online storybook explores the history and contemporary life of the Pamunkey people through four chapters: place, community and culture, history, and the future. Grades: 4–5
Reclaiming Education Sovereignty
This keynote by Assistant Director for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland underlines the connection between boarding school research conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and current efforts to support language and cultural revitalization in Indian Country.
Celebrating Native Cultures Through Words
Stories develop listening skills, memory, and imagination. Use this Helpful Handout as an introduction to the rich tradition of Native American stories and their role within Native communities. Grades: K–12
Featured Teacher and Student Programs
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Becoming a Native Knowledge 360° Educator: Is a Treaty Intended to Be Forever? | New Mexico (Navajo Treaty of 1868)
February 27, 2024

A deeper dive into a specific treaty and case study for middle school. Learn about the people and the impact treaties had on specific nations.

Program Details

edX Course: Foundations for Transforming Teaching and Learning about Native Americans
Through November 7, 2024

In this course, learners will join the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian to explore the impact of problematic narratives of Native Americans on U.S. society and education and learn ways to recognize and share more complete narratives both inside and outside the classroom.

Program Details
NMAI New York, NY and NMAI Washington, DC
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