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The Trouble with History

New York is and always has been a Native place. Even for Native people whose community is no longer within the state boundary, there is a profound connection to New York as the original homeland. The evidence and cultural influence of Native people is deeply intertwined in the history of New York state and continues today.

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Delaware, Lenape, Lenni Lenape
Government & Civics, History, Social Studies
Eastern Woodlands
Lenape, Delaware, New York, Manhattan, Dutch, New Amsterdam
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3: People, Places & Environments
The story of American Indians in the Western Hemisphere is intricately intertwined with places and environments. Native knowledge systems resulted from long-term occupation of tribal homelands, and observation and interaction with places. American Indians understood and valued the relationship between local environments and cultural traditions, and recognized that human beings are part of the environment.

3: People, Places & Environments
The imposition of international, state, reservation, and other borders on Native lands changed relationships between people and their environments, affected how people lived, and sometimes isolated tribal citizens and family members from one another.