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Learning to Look and Object Investigation

Use this Helpful Handout to examine Native made objects and materials. We suggest students find an object to examine using NMAI's collections. The Object Investigation Sheet is a guided looking activity that promotes thoughtful observation and inquiry of Native made objects and materials. Este recurso también está disponible en español.

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Art Education, Astronomy, Engineering and Technology, English Language Arts, Environmental Science, Geography, Government and Civics, History, Mathematics, Social Studies, STEM
Eastern Woodlands, Northwest Coast, Great Lakes
Object, cultural items, investigation, observation, inquiry, object-based learning, craft, culturally responsive, tribally specific, artifact, tribe, Native Americans, museum education
Essential Understandings More Close

1: American Indian Cultures
For millennia, American Indians have shaped and been shaped by their culture and environment. Elders in each generation teach the next generation their values, traditions, and beliefs through their own tribal languages, social practices, arts, music, ceremonies, and customs.

2: Time, Continuity, and Change
The Western Hemisphere was laced with diverse, well-developed, and complex societies that interacted with one another over millennia.

2: Time, Continuity, and Change
American Indians employed a variety of methods to record and preserve their histories.