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American Indian Responses to Environmental ChallengesAmerican Indian Perspectives on ThanksgivingWe Have a Story to Tell: Native Peoples of the Chesapeake RegionNative Words/Native WarriorsLiving Maya TimeHaudenosaunee Guide for EducatorsKwakwaka'wakw People: Ways of Living, Ways of GivingLone Dog’s Winter CountNative People and the Land: The A:Shiwi (Zuni) PeopleSmithsonian in Your Classroom: Native American DollsA Life in Beads: The Stories a Plains Dress Can TellThe Chaski: Official Messengers of the Inka EmpireAmerican Indian Removal: What does it mean to remove a peopleAmerican Indian Removal: Does it Make Sense?The Removal of the Muscogee NationHow Did Six Different Native Nations Try to Avoid Removal?Q’eswachaka: A Living Legacy of Inka EngineeringLos Chaskis: Mensajeros oficiales del Imperio InkaQ’eswachaka: Una Maravilla de Ingeniería InkaNorthern Plains History and Cultures: How Do Native People and Nations Experience Belonging?Northern Plains Treaties: Is a Treaty Intended to Be Forever? Pacific Northwest Fish Wars: What Kinds of Actions Can Lead to Justice? Pacific Northwest History and Cultures: Why Do the Foods We Eat Matter? The Trail of Tears: A Story of Cherokee RemovalThe Inka Empire: What Innovations Can Provide Food and Water for Millions?The Great Inka Road: How Can a Road System Be an Example of Innovation?El Imperio Inka: ¿Qué innovaciones pueden proveer alimento y agua para millones?El Gran Camino Inka: ¿Cómo un sistema de carreteras puede ser un ejemplo de innovación?The Pawnee Treaties of 1833 and 1857: Why Do Some Treaties Fail?The Navajo Treaty of 1868: Why Was the Navajo Journey Home So Remarkable? Early Encounters in Native New York: Did Native People Really Sell Manhattan?