Reza Case Study

Why did Reza flee his home in Afghanistan? Use these sources to investigate Reza's story and determine whether it could be considered an example of removal today.

Be the Interpreter

What can you learn from this quote?

  1. What is the tone (the emotion) of Kriegel�s statement?
  2. Based on the quote, do you think children are leaving their homes by choice? Explain your reasoning.
  3. Challenge Question
  4. Read the caption below the quote. Why do you think the children Kriegel works with may need psychological (mental health) support?
  5. The journalist Katrin Bennhold interviewed Alois Kriegel as part of her story about migrant children. Why do you think Bennhold wanted to include Kriegel�s perspective?

You have to ask yourself, what has to happen for a child to go on such a journey? What has to happen for parents to send their child on such a journey?

—Alois Kriegel, head of Passau's youth welfare office

The New York Times: "Kriegel leads the youth welfare office in Passau, Germany. His job is to provide resources for refugee children, including: foster families, homes, psychological support, legal guardians and schools." Katrin Bennhold, "Migrant Children, Arriving Along and Frightened," The New York Times, October 28, 2015.