Reza Case Study

Why did Reza flee his home in Afghanistan? Use these sources to investigate Reza's story and determine whether it could be considered an example of removal today.

People making their way across the Serbia-Hungary border.

Be the Photojournalist

What story does this photograph tell?

  1. When you look at this photograph, who or what grabs your attention? Why?
  2. Based on what you can see, predict the age range of the people in the photograph. Why might that be significant (important)?
  3. Challenge Question
  4. If you were forced to leave your home forever and could bring only what would fit in a bag you could carry, what would you bring? Why?
Migrants crossing the border from Serbia

Migrants crossing the border from Serbia, September 9, 2015. Near Roszke, Hungary. Photo by Sergey Ponomarev for the New York Times.

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