Shawnee Nation Case Study

How did many members of the Shawnee Nation, who previously lived in what is now Ohio, end up living in Oklahoma? These sources allow you to further investigate this story of American Indian removal.

In this quote, the Shawnee leader Catahecassa spoke forcefully against the removal of his people.

Be the Linguist

What does this quote by Catahecassa tell you about Shawnee removal?

  1. Catahecassa decided to blend in with the settler�s ways of living. What does the evidence in the quote above suggest he thinks will be the outcome of this strategy?
  2. Challenge Question
  3. What do you think has happened already to the Shawnee Nation that makes Catahecassa think this?

We know wherever we may go, your people will follow. . . and we will be forced to remove again and again and finally arrive at the sea or the other side of the Great Island meaning the Pacific ocean and then they would be compelled to jump off and perish. There would no more be any room left for the poor Indian.

—Catahecassa, as told to John Johnston (American agent to the Shawnee), 1831

Leonard U. Hill, John Johnston and the Indians in the Land of the Three Miamis. (Columbus, Ohio: Stoneman Press, 1957), pages 113�114.

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