Shawnee Nation Case Study

How did many members of the Shawnee Nation, who previously lived in what is now Ohio, end up living in Oklahoma? These sources allow you to further investigate this story of American Indian removal.

This painting shows life in Oklahoma after the removal of the Shawnee Nation. It is visual evidence of how some parts of the Shawnee Nation�s culture remained the same and some changed over time.

Be the Anthropologist

What can this painting tell you about life after Shawnee removal?

  1. How long after removal was this painted?
  2. Based on what you see in the painting, describe what everyday life was like for members of the Shawnee Nation living in Oklahoma in 1890.
  3. Challenge Question
  4. What does this painting tell you about how the Shawnee culture continued after removal? What message(s) about culture might the artist hope to convey?
Painting Shawnee Home Life about 1890

Ernest Spybuck (Absentee Shawnee, 1883–1949), Shawnee Home Life about 1890, 1908�1910. (2/5785)

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