Kickapoo Nation Case Study

How did many individuals of the Kickapoo Nation, who originally lived in what is now Indiana, end up living in Mexico? These sources allow you to further investigate this story of American Indian removal.

Different kinds of pressure forced the Kickapoo Nation to move many times. The arrows shown on the map represent movement from one place to another, not specific routes that the Kickapoo took during their removal.

Be the Geographer

What does this Kickapoo removal map tell you?

  1. Where did the Kickapoo Nation removal start?
  2. Where did it end?
  3. How many times was the Kickapoo Nation moved?
  4. Challenge Question
  5. For how many years did the Kickapoo Nation experience removal? How might so many years of movement affect their ability to maintain (keep) a community?
Kickapoo map

Some groups within the Kickapoo Nation migrated to Texas and Mexico to seek refuge from the threat of removal, anti-Indian violence, and other pressures.

Gene Thorp/Cartographic Concepts, Inc. © Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian.

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