Kickapoo Nation Case Study

How did many individuals of the Kickapoo Nation, who originally lived in what is now Indiana, end up living in Mexico? These sources allow you to further investigate this story of American Indian removal.

At different times during their removal history, some members of the Kickapoo Nation were forced to migrate between Mexico and the United States. These Kickapoos were on the their way to Mexico in 1907.

Be the Witness

What story does this photograph of Kickapoo forced migration tell?

  1. How would you describe the land and vegetation (plants) in this area?
  2. How would you describe the ways in which the Kickapoo people are traveling?
  3. Challenge Question
  4. What difficulties might these Kickapoo people experience traveling in this environment?
Kickapoo image migrant families

Kickapoo migrant families, 1907. Borderlands of Texas and Mexico. National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution. (BAE GN 00741A)

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