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Engage students with these resources in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Find even more lessons and materials for teaching during Hispanic Heritage Month here.
The Inka Empire: What Innovations Can Provide Food and Water for Millions?
Explore Inka-period engineering accomplishments that allowed the Inka to manage their vast empire, and how their legacy has relevancy in the present day.
The Great Inka Road: How Can a Road System Be an Example of Innovation?
Explore a variety of sources to learn about the engineering of the Great Inka Road system and the Q'eswachaka suspension grass bridge.
The Chaski: Official Messengers of the Inka Empire
This teacher's guide provides information about Chaski, relay runners in the Inka Empire.
Image of Thanksgiving resource
Save the Date! Thanksgiving Teacher Workshops
This two-part series will provide resources and strategies to create a more appropriate and accurate representation of Native cultures in your classroom related to Thanksgiving.
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