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Looking to explore NK360° professional development opportunities? Start with the three-part summer webinar series that explored federal Indian policy and its effects on Native nations and Native peoples. Find even more recorded webinars here!
Understanding the Colonial and Treaty Eras
Reflect on the importance of U.S. federal Indian policy and hear from Dr. David Wilkins (Lumbee) about the Colonial and Treaty Eras and their legacy today.
The Human Side of Removal, Allotment, and Assimilation
Learn about the impact of three policy eras and how Native communities have been able to survive and thrive despite enormous challenges.
Policy Pendulum Swings
Hear from Undersecretary for Museums and Culture at the Smithsonian, Kevin Gover (Pawnee) about three vastly divergent federal Indian policies their impacts on Native nations historically and today.
Featured Teacher and Student Programs
B Christopher / Alamy Stock Photo
B Christopher / Alamy Stock Photo
Youth in Action: Conversations about Our Future
Hear from young Native activists and changemakers from across the Western Hemisphere working towards equity and social justice for Indigenous peoples. Watch past episodes in the series on demand.
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