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The winter months are often a time for storytelling in many Native communities. Watch these short animated traditional stories that give special meaning to the stars above. Visit the NMAI YouTube channel to view even more Star Stories. Recommended for ages 7+.
Fox and Star
This animation tells the Chippewa (Ojibwe) story describing how a man's pet fox scattered the stars across the sky.
The Younger Sister
This animation tells the Cree story of two sisters and shows that impulsive choices can lead to surprising results.
Quillwork Girl and Her New Seven Brothers
This animation tells a Cheyenne story of how the Big Dipper came to be when a girl and her loyal brothers escape from a bison.
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Enroll in this FREE course through Smithsonian X(EdX). Explore the impact of problematic narratives of Native Americans on U.S. society and education.
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Native American soldier in military uniform crouching down holding his weapon
Native Words, Native Warriors
Explore the lives and experiences of Native American service members who used their traditional tribal languages to transmit secret messages for the US military during World War I and World War II.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Native Americans
How many Indians lived in America before 1492?