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In the Spotlight
The NK360° team is reflecting on the past year and some of the moments that stood out to us: gathering at the National Indian Education Association conference, celebrating the launch of a new digital storybook and lesson, and elevating our best work. We are also looking towards the new year, starting with a slate of new professional development opportunities in January. Please join us!
Life Along the River: The Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia
This online storybook explores the history and contemporary life of the Pamunkey people through four chapters: place, community and culture, history, and the future. Grades: 4–5
Lone Dog's Winter Count
This teaching poster looks at the oral culture and history-keeping of the Nakota people, the makers of Lone Dog’s Winter Count. It includes a lesson plan and student activity sheets that can be reproduced. Grades: 4–8
Celebrating Native Cultures Through Words
Stories develop listening skills, memory, and imagination. Use this Helpful Handout as an introduction to the rich tradition of Native American stories and their role within Native communities. Grades: K–12
Featured Teacher and Student Programs
Becoming a Native Knowledge 360° Educator: Is a Treaty Intended to Be Forever?
January 16, 2024

How do we teach about treaties and their relevance today? In this professional development program, educators will apply NMAI's Becoming an NK360° Educator framework—Spark, Connect, Learn, Act—to the topic of treaties.

Program Details
illustration of a landscape with hands signing a treaty

illustration of two men shaking hands
Becoming a Native Knowledge 360° Educator: Is a Treaty Intended to Be Forever? | Northern Plains (Horse Creek Treaty of 1851), High School Session
January 30, 2024

A deeper dive into a specific treaty and case study for high school. Learn about the people and the impact treaties had on specific nations.

Program Details
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