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Sunrise Tippeconnie (Comanche/Navajo)

Filmmaker Sunrise Tippeconnie has produced short films which have been shown at the Heard Museum, imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival and the National Museum of the American Indian. In 2007 he was a selected artist for the exhibition “Looking Indian” at the [Artspace] at Untitled gallery in Oklahoma City, and for the OklaDaDA Oklahoma centennial art show “Current Realities.”

Tippeconnie is currently developing feature films and a television pilot. He also works extensively in independent film, in roles as diverse as gaffer, electrician, cinematographer, and consultant, for directors including Heather Rae, Yen Tan, Sterlin Harjo and Blackhorse Lowe. He occasionally writes for the popular culture blog candlerblog.com. Tippeconnie has an MFA in media arts from Temple University. He teaches in the film and video studies department at the University of Oklahoma and lives in Oklahoma City.

Work featured: Leave Durov to the Dogs: A Comanche Parable