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Kevin Papatie (Algonquin)

Director and film trainer Kevin Papatie has been involved in Wakiponi Mobile, the innovative media training and production studio that has been touring to Quebec’s Aboriginal communities since June 2004 to train young people in film. Papatie has directed several short films. Wabak, co-directed with Gilles Penobsway, won the Main Film Jeune Espoir (Young Hope) prize at the First Peoples’ Festival 2007 in Montreal and the Best Experimental Film at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival in 2007. The Amendment screened as part of ShortCuts Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008, where it won the imagineNATIVE 2008 Best Indigenous Language Production Award. It also had a theatrical release on 35mm as a short preceding the French-Canadian feature film The Age of Ignorance (d. Denys Arcand). Papatie lives and works in the Kitcisakik Algonquin community in western Quebec. The community now has its own production studio, and the youth have begun to produce independent films for self-expression and works for various organizations on topics such as preventing juvenile delinquency.

Work featured: The Amendment, We Are