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Camille Manybeads Tso (Navajo)

Camille Manybeads Tso began work on the film In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman as her eighth-grade school project in 2008. She wrote, directed and starred in the story of a Native teen rediscovering the life of her ancestor. By that time she was already a film veteran, having studied production since the age of nine with Outta Your Backpack Media, a media literacy project for Native youth operating out of Flagstaff, Arizona. To produce the film Manybeads founded her own production company, Halne'e Productions. Since then, In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman has been screened at more than 25 festivals and has won numerous awards, including Best Youth Film of the Year from the Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival, Best Documentary Short from the Red Nation Film Festival, and Most Innovative Short from the Eckerd Film Festival. The film is also used as part of Northern Arizona University’s curriculum on race, gender, and media.

As an actress, Manybeads has appeared in several film and stage productions, and is currently the youngest youth mentor for Outta Your Backpack Media. She is from Black Mesa, Arizona, in Navajo Country.

Work featured: In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman , The TV