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Banchi Hanuse (Nuxalk)

Banchi Hanuse is an emerging filmmaker whose first film, Cry Rock, has been nominated for several awards since its premiere at National Geographic’s All Roads Film Festival including Best Documentary Short at the 2010 American Indian Film Festival and an Honorable Mention at the Fargo Film Festival. In 2011 Cry Rock was awarded Best Documentary Short at the Vancouver Women in Film Festival. As a work-in-progress the film received an All Roads Film Project Seed Grant.

Hanuse has worked at the National Film Board, both as a production assistant on the 2006 documentary Finding Dawn (d. Christine Welsh), and as a project coordinator for Our World, a youth Web storytelling workshop for remote communities in British Columbia and the Yukon. Hanuse has a BA in First Nations Studies from the University of British Columbia and lives in Bella Coola.

Work featured: Cry Rock