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Eriberto GualingaEriberto Gualinga (Sarayaku Kichwa)

The work of photographer, filmmaker, and musician Eriberto Gualinga focuses on issues his community of Sarayaku, Ecuador, faces in resistance to resource extraction activities that encroach on their territory. Gualinga’s film Sachata Kishipichik Mani/I Am the Defender of the Forest (2003) has won numerous awards in Latin America, including Best Documentary at the 2004 Premio Anaconda festival, the Paco Urondo Award for Best Video on Human Rights Issues at the 14th Latin American Film and Video Competition in Argentina, and the Award for Gender Equity at the CLACPI International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples held in Oaxaca in 2008. Gualinga’s recent film Sisa Ñambi earned the Award for Gender Equity at the 2010 CLAPI festival in Quito. Sisa Ñambi had its U.S. premiere at the 2011 Native American Film + Video Festival.

Work featured: Sisa Ñambi