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Amadeo S. Alvarado Brumm

Amadeo S. Alvarado Brumm is the coordinator of the Audiovisual Production and Media Center of UNICAM (Indigenous and Campesino University) in the state of Michoacán. He also coordinates the university’s Canal Indígena, a YouTube channel which posts indigenous productions. As part of the Center’s work, Alvarado coordinates and conducts participatory video workshops for indigenous video makers in Nahua communities of the coastal region of Michoacán.

His most recent documentary, Kuali an Ajxic Patu Xalipan/Welcome to Our Beaches, is the result of a series of media workshops supported by La Coordinadora Nacional Plan de Ayala (CNPA), an indigenous organization that for thirty years has been committed to the development of UNICAM and of communities in the coastal region. Teenagers and young adults collectively participated in the making of this documentary, which is co-directed by Alvarado and Emma de Aquino (Nahua). In 2009 it received an honorable mention at the Festival de Cine y Video Indígena in Morelia and was included in UNESCO’s Cameras of Diversity project.

Alvarado studied scriptwriting at the Center for Cinematographic Studies in Mexico City, and photography and production at Solaris, a film school in Morelia. He is co-founder of the independent production company, Obrero Films, where he is currently in development on The Aquila Case (working title), concerning the thirty-year struggle of the mining community of San Miguel Archangel de Aquila with transnational mining companies. Alvarado is originally from Mexico City, and lives in Morelia, Michoacán.

Work featured: Kuali an ajxic patu xalipan/Welcome to Our Beaches