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Rosío Achahui Quenti (Quechua)

Since 2002 Rosío Achahui Quenti has produced videos that contribute to raising awareness of the importance of Andean cultural tradition and language. These short films describe agricultural practices and the peoples’ spiritual relationship with the land. Since 2008 she has been involved in the collective Los Sallqavideastas which has organized, with Maja Tillman Salas and InsightShare Latin America, video workshops in five indigenous communities in Peru, resulting in such works as Los Derechos de la Pachamama/The Rights of Mother Earth. Achahui Quenti’s documentary Iskay Yachay/Los Dos Saberes, reflecting the importance of bicultural education, won the Award of Merit in the LASA/Latin American Studies Association Film Festival in 2007. Currently she and the collective are producing a series of videos about water rituals. Achahui Quenti, a fluent speaker of Quechua, is from Cuzco, Peru.

Work featured: Los Derechos de la Pachamama/The Rights of Mother Earth