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Elderly Words: How Did We Do Elderly Words?
2009, 9 min., Colombia
In indigenous languages with English subtitles
Director: Amado Villafaña (Arhuaco), Saúl Gil (Wiwa), Silvestre Gil Zarabata (Kogui)
Produced by: Gonawindúa Tayrona Organization in coproduction with TeleCaribe

Distributed by: Pablo Mora Calderón - pablomora50@hotmail.com

A team of indigenous filmmakers travels the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of northern Colombia to ask the mamos, traditional indigenous authorities, to speak out on urgent topics concerning the environment, land, and culture. In this episode from the 10-part series Elderly Words, the Zhigoneshi Communication Centre team shows how the project was organized.

Elderly Words: How Did We Do Elderly Words? - courtesy of the filmmaker