June 7–September 21, 2008 George Gustav Heye Center, New York

In Remix, a new communitas is created from artists of mixed heritage, all of whom make great art. Unlike Indian artists of earlier eras, who were brought together under the umbrella of tribal identity, this generation confronts new ideas and issues. These artists all share various degrees of Native ancestry, yet they see other sides to their humanity, as well, including humor, the impact of borders and boundaries, death and dying, commodity fetishism, history and memory, the relationship between words and images, and the possibility of transformation. The gathering of these individuals signifies a new articulation of identity that we’ve come to call “post-Indian.” Nationality, ethnicity, and cultural tradition are simply starting points. Beyond lie the discoveries of contemporary artists exploring self-knowledge and self-definition. For this brief moment, a community comes together.
Gerald McMaster, Ph.D.
Curator of Canadian Art
Art Gallery of Ontario

Remix, featuring the work of fifteen artists from throughout the Western Hemisphere, explores the very edges of human experience. The artists collectively probe the global movement of ideas, search for new languages of artistic practice, and push the boundaries of the expected. As these artists share diverse private space—sometimes gritty, sometimes playful—alternative stories unfold in many different ways. Their complex imagery narrates the artist’s process and speaks to the artistic medium of engagement, creating intimate moments of exchange. Heirs to a rich history, the artists deftly define their moment by dismantling and rebuilding, like DJs borrowing and writing new sounds, beats, actions, engagements.
Joe Baker
Director for Community Engagement
Herberger College of the Arts at Arizona State University