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Wendat (Huron) moccasins
ca. 1800
Hide, porcupine quill, metal cones, horse hair, dye
28 x 8.5 x 7 cm

These cuffed, soft-soled Wendat moccasins, with a seam running down the center of the vamp and up the heel, were made by a very skilled artist: Their deerskin is slightly darkened. The cuffs are decorated with three lanes of dyed quillwork. The red, yellow, and black quills were flattened and folded back and forth across a lane and stitched around the each cuff. The cuffs were then edged with white quills. A single lane of quillwork hides the seam on the vamp. It, too, is outlined with white quillwork. The moccasins are further embellished with tin cones with dyed deer hair pendants.

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