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Anishinaabe hood
ca. 1860–1880
Wool cloth, silk ribbons, glass beads
69 x 28 cm

Though women’s hoods of this style are more often associated with the Cree, this is a fine example of the hoods made and worn by Ojibwa women in the mid-19th century. It is made from a long rectangular piece of black cloth that has been folded at the top and stitched along one side to create a very long hood that would drape over the shoulders and down the back. It is decorated with glass-bead embroidery applied over silk-ribbon appliqué in flowing, abstract floral patterns. The top and sides are framed with a very beautiful broad band of silk appliqué in red and green, with a beaded zigzag line that runs over the underlying appliqué silk. The flower forms are outlined in white glass beads and filled in with contour spot-stitch beading instead of the silk.

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