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Councilor coat

Seminole councilor coat
ca. 1900
95 x 167 cm
Collected by Mark R. Harrington

Seminole open-front, knee-length and split-tail councilor coats, with triangular capes fitted with a ruffle at the border, were fashioned after English greatcoats. The rows of ruffles and appliqué bands on the body of this coat, however, were Seminole innovations. Though no longer seen in general use after about 1910, this style of coat is still worn by Seminole men who officiate at special occasions, such as the Green Corn Dance. This coat is made from cotton broadcloth, predominantly red calico with a small black floral print. Full sleeves gathered to a cuff fasten with bottom closures. The decorative zone consists of concentric squares in red, white, and black. The ruffle above the appliqué work is a dark blue calico with white figures.

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