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Teotihuacan mask

Teotihuacán mask
AD 200–600
Tlaltelolco, Mexico
Metamorphic greenstone
28 x 28 cm
Conde de Penasco Collection

Though they vary in size, Teotihuacán masks are highly standardized: the top of the head is always squared off; the face is trapezoidal with squared ears, marked brow lines, open eyes, a prominent nose, and an open mouth with full lips. The eyes and the mouth of this mask were probably inlaid, and the drilled holes in the ears may have held ear ornaments. Teotihuacán masks always exhibit high quality workmanship; this mask in particular is one of the largest and most beautiful examples known. Never meant to be worn—they lack eye holes—these masks or plaques are believed to have been made for public display in Teotihuacán.

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