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Sleeping Man by Bob Haozous

Bob Haozous (Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache, b. 1943), Sleeping Man
Limestone, paint, wood
70 x 50 x 56 cm
Gift of Hopewell Foundation

Bob Haozous began his career as a sculptor in the 1970s, and rapidly became known for satirical and provocative work that challenges romantic imagery and addresses contemporary issues. Sleeping Man is representative of his early sculpture in stone, which slyly tweaks romantic, timeless representations of Native people. The figure’s cowboy boots, blue jeans, concha belt, and garish shirt place him squarely in the northern New Mexico gallery scene of the 1970s. During this period, Haozous created a number of sleeping people to show contemporary Indians who have lost their connection with Indian philosophy and metaphorically gone to sleep. Referring to Sleeping Man, Haozous states, “His spirit is Indian, but you can’t tell—we don’t even know who we are.”

—Kathleen Ash-Milby (Navajo), NMAI

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