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Ooger Uk Inua (Walrus Spirit) by Larry Beck

Larry Beck (Chnagmiut Yup´ik, 1938–1994) Ooger Uk Inua (Walrus Spirit)
Hubcaps, tires, chair legs, PVC plastic
55.2 x 30.8 x 48.5 cm
Transferred from the Indian Arts and Crafts Board Collection, Department of the Interior

Larry Beck, a successful sculptor and installation artist in the Pacific Northwest, became interested in Yup´ik masks in the late 1970s. He began to experiment using found objects such as old tires and kitchen utensils to craft contemporary masks. This sculpture captures the whimsy of American Pop sculpture yet evokes the elegance and gravitas of masking traditions.

—Kathleen Ash-Milby (Navajo), NMAI

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