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Ms. Coyote by Jean LaMarr

Jean LaMarr (Paiute-Pit River, b. 1945)

mixed media mask
25" x 12" x 5"

"Ms. Coyote is a contemporary response to Native American narratives of Coyote, the trickster, who is generally portrayed as a male persona, forever seeking to satisfy his curiosities and sexual appetite. Sometimes Coyote becomes female or other disguises to get what he wants. These actions exemplify the follies of life, and set a standard for proper human behavior for tribal communities. Many stories portray the female Coyote, as the wife, homely and not attractive, which drives the male 'Coyote' to look for more beautiful females outside the home. The mask, Ms. Coyote, reinterprets the female persona as a hip, sexy character and offers another view of a trickster."