Scar Tissue - HIDE: Skin as Material and Metaphor - The National Museum of the American Indian - George Gustav Heye Center, New York, NY

Scar Tissue

Nadia Myre (Anishinaabe) explores scars, both personal and communal, in her mixed media and video creations. Myre’s epic work, The Scar Project, includes hundreds of canvases, each representing an individual story. Begun as a personal exploration of her own scars, the project grew into a cooperative endeavor. She organized workshops for people to create their own scar canvases and write their personal stories.

With Scarscapes, a series of five loom-woven beaded works and prints, she examines these motifs of pain and survival. Landscape of Sorrow expands her vision to address generational and community experiences in relationship to the land.

All of these “scars” tell stories of trauma and conflict but, like literal scars, the healing process itself can make the site of the wound stronger.