Chemehuevi Gourd Rattle
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Chemehuevi Gourd Rattle

The Chemehuevi people made this rattle. The Chemehuevi people live in southeast California. Here are the steps to making a gourd rattle:

  1. get a gourd
  2. get a piece of wood
  3. get a knife
  4. get pebbles
  5. cut open the gourd and take all the stuff out
  6. carve the wood with a knife
  7. put pebbles in the gourd
  8. put the wood in
  9. shake it

The maker of the rattle put any kind of design on the rattle. The people used the rattles in dances. I chose this because it is a small object, it has pretty designs, and it's old and they probably found it somewhere near Chemehuevi. The people use water colors to make their designs. They sometimes paint the handle red.
         --Sara, Santa Clara Day School