American Indian Responses to
Environmental Challenges

Campo Kumeyaay Nation
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Our Future

The Campo Kumeyaay believe it is important to honor their traditional beliefs about respecting and caring for the land. They are working hard to build a future with a healthy environment, a solid economy, and a strong culture.

Key Terms

  • Ecosystem

    The relationships between the plants, animals, and physical conditions of a specific area.

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Explore: Campo EPA and the Measure of Success

Cross-section of damaged Diabold Creek Cross-section of Diabold Creek, revitalized

This creek was badly affected by years of cattle grazing. There was no water on the surface. The soil and decomposed bedrock were dry. The only permanent water was underground, in bedrock fractures.

Now there is water on the surface in the stream bed, and the layers below the surface are also saturated with water. Campo EPA's restoration helped raise the water table by nearly 20 feet.

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Try These Questions

In this video, Paul Cuero mentions that his uncle used to say, “The land is the law.” Which statement below does not help explain this saying?
Paul Cuero
A) The land itself imposes a kind of natural law for people to be its caretakers.
B) The Campo people take care of their land because local laws require it.
C) If people don’t honor and take care of the land, they can’t survive.
Stan Rodriguez says, “If we do not take care of our resources, . . . if we do not live in harmony, then we’re going to destroy it. If we destroy it, we’re going to destroy ourselves.” Which of the following is an example of how the Kumeyaay have lived in harmony with their environment?
Acorn on tree
A) Grinding some, but not all, of the acorns for a food called shawii
Native plants
B) Growing native plants for landscaping
Water table
C) Planting trees to raise the water table
All of the above
D) All of the above
Which of the following statements reflects Campo Kumeyaay beliefs about the environment?
Paul Cuero
A) "We are part of this environment."
Ana Gloria Rodriguez
B) "Plants have life. Water has life."
Monique LaChappa
C) "Our concern for the earth comes from our heart."
All of the above
D) All of the above
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