American Indian Solutions to Environmental Challenges


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Students will learn how four American Indian communities are working to address serious environmental problems. They will watch brief videos, answer focus questions, use interactives, and complete the online Story Project Planner to see how environmental issues are intertwined with cultural preservation. To demonstrate what they’ve learned, students will share a presentation with the class. Teachers, you are invited to upload your students’ projects to our Shared Stories Gallery.

How to Use the Website

Take some time to check out the website and decide how to use it with your students. Read the background information for each tribe, watch the videos, and review the interactive and focus questions. Explore the Shared Stories Gallery to see completed projects by other students.

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Lesson Plans

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Background Information

Read these brief overviews to learn more about the tribes on this website.

Additional Resources

These web and print resources can extend your lesson or enrich student research.